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Click to visit is a website created with the only aim of providing you with all the necessary information about editorial design to understand the development process of a publication-book, magazine or newspaper. In this way, you will be able to gain access to clear and specific information about all the aspects of the graphic development of a printed publication.

At we offer you our knowledge of editorial design because we are aware that a thought-out design, created with editorial logistic and the market in mind, will be a roaring success. Here we provide you with effective guidelines which will help you achieve a high-quality design and get graphics that will make the publication content more outstanding. The editorial world enjoys certain specific features that must be taken into consideration. Publications main feature is the reason for its existence: reading. In this way, since reading is a complex activity, the design must be developed with this idea in mind. This means that typography, just as the use of images and format-among others- must be considered in order to make reading easier.

Through this website you will find all the necessary elements to develop, together with a professional designer, the design of your publication which will be created accordingly with the message you want to convey, and your readers.

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