book design

Once the content of the publication has been deeply analyzed, it is necessary to find the most proper ways to communicate this. The layout must represent both esthetical and commercial values. The main elements that must be considered in order to obtain a successful editorial design are the following:

Typographical Legibility


Typographic Box

Grille or Editorial Reticulation

Material of Support


Typographic Box

The typographic box is the virtual limit which defines the margins within text will be printed on every page. This box gives way to four margins (left, top, right and bottom) whose dimensions must be defined for every particular case. The margin next to the spine-in the case of books and magazines-must be measured in a way that does not obstruct the reading. For this reason, it is important to take into consideration the book type of binding which determines the degree of opening of the pages. The heading, foot of the page notes and number should fit within the top and bottom margins.

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