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Once the content of the publication has been deeply analyzed, it is necessary to find the most proper ways to communicate this. The layout must represent both esthetical and commercial values. The main elements that must be considered in order to obtain a successful editorial design are the following:

Typographical Legibility


Typographic Box

Grille or Editorial Reticulation

Material of Support


Material of Support

There is a wide range of types of paper which vary in weight, texture and color to use for printed publication. The selection of type of paper will vary according to the target available and the type of publication. When creating the editorial design for a specific publication, it is necessary to consider the quality of paper that is going to be used since this will be a key element at moment of making certain decisions such as the selection of images and colors.

Apart from this, and according to the size of the pages of the book, magazine or newspaper, the designer must choose the most convenient format of the sheet so as to avoid misusing the paper. He must have the final cut and possible defects in the original sheet measurement in mind and leave extra margins. It is also important to leave some extra inches at the sides of the sheets for the printer machine pins to grab when printing.

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