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Once the content of the publication has been deeply analyzed, it is necessary to find the most proper ways to communicate this. The layout must represent both esthetical and commercial values. The main elements that must be considered in order to obtain a successful editorial design are the following:

Typographical Legibility


Typographic Box

Grille or Editorial Reticulation

Material of Support


Grille or Editorial Reticulation

The grille is a scheme that allows the subdivision of the field of vision inside the typographic box into more reduced fields or spaces in form of a grill. Fields and spaces may or may not share the same dimensions. The height of fields is measured by the number of text lines, and its width depends on the typographic body. When indicating height and width, the same typographic measurement is used.

Fields are separated with spaces so that the images included on the page do not touch each other and to allow a clear legibility. One, two or three lines separate the fields from one another (vertical distance). The horizontal distance is based on the size of the different types of letter, and illustrations.

As it has been said before, the grille allows a coherent layout of the information and images, following the main aim of all publication: legibility. The grille is a guide which allows the designer to later create a legible editorial design more freely.

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